To Crop or Not To Crop?


The question that has fueled many arguments of the years, is it strictly cosmetic or is it beneficial to the health of the dog?  There are pros and cons, and let me tell you, I’ve seen it both ways, and understand both points of views on cropping and natural ears. Even though it may not seem like a big deal, have you ever seen a hematoma on a dog’s ear? It’s quite painful, full of fluid and can leave an ear severely disfigured! So, I have to say that YES, cropped ears are beneficial to health, and are not purely cosmetic.

I’d rather have my dog’s ears cropped then spend years and years battling ear infections, hematomas, ripped/torn ears, or possible sewing shut of the ear its self to keep infections from happening. A quick and easy surgery which is less invasive then spaying or neutering with NO LASTING SIDE EFFECTS, yet it is considered cruel. I am pro choice when it comes to cropping, having stat and looked at both sides of the fence, I still see and understand the reasoning behind it.

I have seen up close and personal the benefits of cropping ears as well as the benefits of leaving them natural. By far the cropped ear is easier to care for and clean, even though it does get dirty, so does the natural ear. I have personally seen a dog affected by a hematoma, and I can say it was quite painful, and very stressful for the dog and the many trips to the vet to have it lanced opened and drained. Even though the natural ear gives the dog more character in my opinion, the cropped ear could have saved that particular dog quite a bit of pain and suffering.

I say to each their own, and hope this gives some insights on the age old debate of to crop or to flop. Included are some informational links about the hematomas and the treatment of them.


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