Are you outside of Florida but really want that perfect puppy from Florida Pitbull Kennel or Florida Pitbull Breeder? No problem. Most of the kennels listed here will either deliver personally for a small fee, or hire a USDA licensed, insured, and referenced pet transporter.
Pet transporters deliver by ground (driving). There is absolutely no need to worry about the safety and emotional state of your puppy during ground transport by pet shippers. These pet shippers are required by government law to stop (and document each stop) every couple of hours for food, water, exercise, re-sanitation, and cleanup of your puppy if needed. If you are super paranoid like I am, you can even request “No Paws on the Ground Policy,” which means your puppy will never touch the ground for exercise or potty. He or she will be given time to exercise or potty ONLY on a puppy pad lined play pen. This reduces the risk of any illnesses. Additionally, what I love about ground transporters is that when shipping ANY dog or puppy (not just yours) each animal has to be inspected an approved for travel within 10 days of leaving. This is a requirement all petshippers must follow.