Establishing a Bloodline

        Establishing a BloodlineTruth be told, establishing a bloodline isn’t easy, you can’t just go out and buy a dog and label it YOUR bloodline, the BREEDER you bought the dog from has done all the work before you purchased the dog therefore it is not YOUR bloodline. It take years and generations of breeding and producing good quality dogs before you can label it YOUR bloodline. I have seen many people make the assumption of labeling bloodlines without doing the research of what it takes to establish a bloodline.

      The main key to getting started in breeding is first the brood bitch, without a good quality brood bitch or bitches, it may never get a breeding program off the ground. A great book and informational guide to proper breeding is Breeding Dogs For Dummies, I have read this book many times and still turn to it if I have questions about anything related to breeding dogs. As quoted in the book, housing a male in NOT imperative to breeding dogs, to start with use of an outside stud would be better to get a breeding program off the ground. As a personal opinion, I will not house many males in my program, the focus will be on the females as they are slightly more important to a breeding program.

Establishing a Bloodline

Good breeding involves RESEARCH. And tons of it! Also is a vision, a vision of what you want to do with your dogs, whether it be confirmation showing, sporting, weight pulling, agility, or raising service dogs. A vision is needed to know where you want to go with the breeding program you want to start. A good vision coupled with a great breeding program is the first steps to get you started to establishing your own bloodline. As stated before, it takes GENERATIONS of breeding to establish a bloodline.

       Another important key to a good breeding program is knowing when to inbreed, line breed, and when to outcross. No bloodline was created by breeding “scatter bred” dogs. They were ALL created by inbreeding, line breeding and outcrossing when necessary. That’s a whole other story that I’ll touch base on in the near future. And believe this, inbreeding, line breeding and outcrossing is not just used in dog breeding either, it’s used religiously in horse breeding as well as many other animals.


Starting my own bloodline.

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