“Accidental” Pregnancy

CincoQuite frankly, there is no better way to put it, if YOU didn’t want your female bred, you would have taken the precautions to make sure it didn’t happen. Whatever it takes, you are responsible for your dogs, and how and when they are bred. If your female is too young, and she is “accidently” bred, face the facts, you let it happen. It is your responsibility to make sure she does NOT come in contact with any male until she is of breeding age and you are ready for the responsibilities that come with whelping a litter of puppies.

        There comes HUGE responsibilities with raising puppies, from birth to weaning, and if you keep any, into adulthood. It is your job as a breeder to make sure your puppies have what it takes to do what you bred them for, whether that be as working dogs, or companion dogs. Good manners start with the breeder! One thing to ALWAYS keep in mind is that YOUR reputation and name are on the line with every puppy you send out in to the world. It’s your duty to make sure your puppies are well socialized.

       Whether the litter was planned or “accidental” in your eyes, it’s your job to make sure they have everything they need to succeed when they go to their new homes. Quite frankly, if you don’t want to deal with “accidental” pregnancies, and don’t want to be responsible about owning an in tact dog, maybe the best thing to think about is having your dog spayed or neutered. Raising puppies isn’t cheap by any means. It’s NOT a get rich quick scheme. These are lives that depend on humans for everything.

       Then just imagine if your female that “accidently” got pregnant went into distress and needed emergency vet care, are you prepared to cover the cost of that? Emergency C-sections aren’t cheap by any means, and can cost upwards of $1500 plus. Then there is always the chance of losing the entire litter from the anesthetic used on mom, there is the chance of mom not recovering, and let’s focus on if the litter and mom do come out of it, there is that risk you run that mom will NOT accept that babies and you have to bottle feed them every 2 hours until they’re old enough to eat on their own. Is an “accidental” pregnancy worth all that to you?

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